winter must-haves 2018

Its May and Autumn and the cold seasons are here,let me share with you why ViralChoice is my family’s favourite immune booster.

When the boys were in nursery school I was a stickler on their health and used those immune boosters daily.My boys never got really sick nor did they miss school much.enter their primary years and homework and extra murals and everything else that comes with children in primary school and getting an immune booster down their little throats seemed to fall by the waist-side.In saying that I also noticed that they got sick and they were absent and out GP visits increased and this went for the kids and both parents.

#proudmommymoment…… This year I got back on track and implemented my ViralChoice  immune boosting regime.At the beginning of March I start my family on an immune booster  to date I’ve only ever used Viral Choice because I’ve seen the results and know if works for my family.This will continue daily until the end of September.

mgfa winter must-haves 2018

Have I seen results?Oh yes!! Last year this time there were already runny noses and dry coughs. I’m very happy to report that not a single tissue has been utilized for this purpose to date.Also, the class my oldest is in had 4 parents come and collect their children because there were to sick to stay at school – even the teacher noticed that he is about the only child that hasn’t got the sniffles.

Happy Winter to all.Stay snug and warm.May there be very few colds and flus in your household.