Favourite Finds – 2 – A little Gadget


Bet you’ve walked past this nifty item at your stationary shop a few times and drew a blank as to what it does.
Or was that just me????
I kept picking it up wondering what this inexpensive “thingy” was.


Well I finally got it and its a pretty “Nifty” little gadget.
It’s what I would call a portable tape dispenser or tape cutter.


All you need is to hook it onto any sticky tape roll or washi tape roll and start using it.Its that easy and there’s no need for a scissors.

How great will this be over the festive season wrapping all those pressies?

Available at any PNA store or Takealot.com

http://www.takealot.com/couture-creations-tape-cutter-white-fits-3-6-12-mm-tape/PLID38161741 for R 19.00 (Nineteen Rand – how cheap is that?)

PS:The tape isn’t included when purchasing the cutter.


Saver Series – Part 2 – Self Storage Units


You might remember that we are still living in a 100m2 apartment with two kids.

With 2 babies and everything that comes with them this little place was getting tighter and tighter add the seasonal items such as Christmas trees and Easter trees (yes we have one) we really had to find a Storage Unit.

Our 1st storage unit was costing us  a crazy R 670.00 per month, at the time we figured it wasn’t going to be to long as we were on our way to our new home.We were so positive I packed everything ready for its specific room in our new home (those boxes are bittersweet to look at to this day).

So we lumped it – R 670.00 per month to store unused and seasonal items.

A friend of mine came across an awesome XtraSpace Storage special and two weeks later we moved from one unit into another.Its pretty much the same distance as the other but in the opposite direction.Also the XtraSpace units are a lot cleaner – I had to wipe clean the layer of dust from all our items (our old unit was on a plot) before it went into our new storage.

What are we now paying…..R210.00 a month for a 5sqm unit which is ideal for what we need.

This means we have saved R 2300.00 over the last 5 months – Love it.

Bargain Right!!!

And you can take advantage of their amazing offers just have a look below:


The biggest and best saver special we have currently is at our JHB Central facility where we have a 60% discount on available units only. This special runs until February 2016.

At our facility in Brakpan, we are currently running a special on our 15sqm units, with a saving of R230 per month. This special is running until the end of December 2015.

At our Combrink Street facility (Alberton) we are currently running a special on our 9sqm units, with a saving of R120 per month.

At our Bellville branch we are currently running a special on 18sqm units, with a saving of R150 per month.
At our Airport Industria branch we are currently running a special on 7.8sqm units, with a saving of R230 per month. A special on our 3.77sqm units, with a saving of R230 per month.

Click on the link to get more information and contact details.http://www.xtraspace.co.za/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/xtraspaceselfstorage?fref=ts

Happy Savings








A little more than just mascara

My New Year’s Resolution was to attempt to wear more make-up (look a little more put together). So far I’ve managed to use Waterproof Mascara and Yves Saint Laurent TOUCHE ÉCLAT RADIANT TOUCH (that’s for the dark circles under my eyes).

I tend to manage this @ least four times a week.For someone who used nil amount of make-up the above is a triumph.I love collecting MAC ( I wish Id apply it more often) make-up and “Fly their Flag”  – their products are amazing and I’ve made every bride i know ONLY use MAC – I’ve seen some pretty Ghostly brides photos becasue they used the wrong base.

Leanne is fantastic and I’m hoping I’ll have her round to do my make-up for a random date night sooon! Her tutorials are pretty easy and I like the fact that she utilizes and shows us what brands and products she uses during the tutorial and the fact that I can buy them locally is a major plus.Keep an eye out for her next tutorial.All her details are on her Vlog.

I love ……….. in the Spring Time!!!! – No:1

With Spring knocking at our door.

We have started our Spring Themed Arts and Crafts.


Paper Plate Umbrellas


Whats needed:

  • Paper Plates
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Ribbon
  • Water Colour Paint
  • Salt
  • Brushes
  • Straw


Cut paper plate and paint using the water colour paint.

IMG_9956IMG_9963IMG_9967IMG_9967 IMG_9968

Sprinkle Salt

IMG_9978 IMG_9983

Drip Water using your brush over the areas with salt – allow to dry

Turn over and tape down the straw and strips pf ribbon

IMG_9988 IMG_9993

Using your scissors curl the ends of the ribbon

IMG_9998  IMG_9995




Nursery School Favourite – Decorating Marie Biscuits


I’m lucky enough that I remember making these when I was in Nursery School.

I treated the kids to this activity earlier this week ,it was amazing to see how the children’s creativity came out.

Its easy and perfect for a not so messy rainy afternoon at home with very little, you probably have everything you need in our pantry.

  • Icing Sugar
  • Water
  • Marie Biscuits
  • Food Colouring – Optional
  • Various sweets / candy for decoration

Sift the icing sugar and add water a little at a time to make a nice soft paste.

I gave each child a plastic knife and a small container with a few spoons of icing paste and lay out the candy between them.

IMG_9457.00 IMG_9461.00IMG_9458.00  IMG_9480.00IMG_9464.00IMG_9485.00IMG_9484.00


Winter Warmer – 1st Blog Giveaway – WINNERS

Thank you to all that entered.

Congratulations to our two winners – your gifts will be sent to you soon. (photos of the winners to be posted soon)

Capture - winners

I’m so excited to hold our 1st giveaway.Even more so to share with you my go to product…be it for a gift or simply spoiling myself…..its amazing.

Capture - giveaway soylites

With August being the last month of Winter lets say goodbye to Winter in style. Our household loves Soy Lites and like our evening hot chocolate with marshmallows, lighting up a Soy Lite candle and moisturizing after is heaven sent!

My little boy “works out” daily  whilst doing Physio , Occupational therapy or at Speech therapy .Bathtime is a favourite and one of the best parts is right after bathing when I massage him from head to toe.

Our Winter evening routine begins with me lighting the Soy Lite candle in their bedroom before the boys get into the bath.Their room is dim and lovely with only their little nightlight and the flickering light of the Soy candle, once out the bath we dry them and I pour out the melted Soy Oil from the pool around the wick. Its lovely and warm and unlike the scary burning liquid from a wax candle.

This is such a bonding and relaxing activity to do with the children and they will feel and smell amazing.

We primarily use the Soy Lites with the children but when it comes to my bedtime I love lighting up my little Organic Lavender Travel-Lite while i read or go on Pinterest. Once I start feeling tired I blow it out and its a peaceful night’s sleep for me.I’ve been moisturizing with them and use the oil like I do with the boys.I’ve tried it on my feet – they have never looked so good,the beautician who did my pedicure this weekend was shocked as to how soft my feet were.

Why SoyLites candles?

SoyLites soy candles are made of the finest quality raw materials. Our superior soy wax ensures that our candles burn beautifully, evenly and much longer than paraffin candles, are biodegradable and contain pure cotton wicks. Our candles contain no petrochemicals or toxins and are 99% soot free resulting in a beautiful, clean burn. Did you know that paraffin candles release 11 documented toxins when burning, 4 of which are carcinogenic? We use only pure essential oils for scenting (no synthetic fragrances) resulting in wonderful aromatherapy benefits, making our candles wonderful for use in the home. Additionally, SoyLites candles are amazing moisturizing and massage candles that reap many therapeutic benefits for the skin.(extracted from Soy Lites Website)

Thanks to the super team at Soy Lites TWO lucky winners will each receive the following:

x1  70ml Soy Lite Candle

x1 55g Lady Bird Body Balm

What do you need to do:

Click below and follow the instructions on Rafflecopter….Good Luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Door of Hope – Giving Abandoned Babies Hope

Door of Hope Charity

Not so long ago I confessed to friends that when I take walks in our neighborhood I tend to walk a little slower past dustbins and manholes.I’m listening out for the cries of a baby.Weird I know! The odd thing is I’ve done this since I was in my early teens I remember doing cross-country racing in the veld area across from our school and keeping an ear out for a baby.Looking back I like to think that the Lord gave me this “Alertiveness”early on for a reason and this is my reason………..

This weekend through our local community forum we received news that a new-born baby had been found by homeless people rummaging through a dustbin. You all know how cold it was this weekend!The baby was still attached to the umbilical cord and placenta.Last year there was a baby found in similar conditions in Bassonia (http://www.tametimes.co.za/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=4812:abandoned-baby-in-bassonia-jhb-south&catid=39:advertising). I was heart-broken the week after the story was in the newspaper every time I thought about it I would cry.I’m not going to allow for another little angel to die – I’m going to do something about this.

There is such a stereotype that we only hear about these sad stories happening in the rural areas or to black babies but it doesn’t clearly.We reside in your average middle class-to-well off mixed race area so why is this happening?

A few years ago I heard about The Door of Hope , founder Cheryl Allen realized that many of those desperate women and girls may well have acted differently had there been an alternative. The church made a hole in their wall and a ‘baby bin’ was installed allowing for mothers to leave their babies anytime day or night. The moment a baby is placed in the bin care workers on duty receive an electronic signal alerting them. The baby is taken in and the anonymity of the donor ensured. News has spread and other babies have been brought personally by their mothers or have come through other means such as the police, community members, hospitals or clinics. By faith and reliance on God alone and from small, humble beginnings, the ministry has grown and over 100 children’s’ lives are being saved every year.(Taken from the Door of Hope Website – www.doorofhope.co.za )

Door of hope

Its better than dumping it in a dustbin in the hopes that someone will find that baby.I found out that there are two homes in our area……Clearly not everyone knows how close there are to saving that baby’s life.

Do not condemn a mother, I keep thinking,I was 28 years old when my husband and I decided to plan for a baby , I was in a committed relationship ,a planned pregnancy and yet when I went through the motions of pregnancy and labour I was absolutely petrified,I had a full support system from the word go. Can you begin to imagine hiding your pregnancy for 9 months ,going through contractions in silence and then worst of all, delivering your own baby.

The mission:

  • To go into High Schools in the area and talk about the Door of Hope, we can’t even back step and talk to them about not being sexually active – then we being naive ourselves, sex amongst teens is happening , teenage girls are still afraid of going to a free clinic for their contraceptive (where to they hid the pill?) and in the heat of teen passion it seems from the statistics that any form of precaution is forgotten.
  • The Door of Hope and its Bin are a great idea but it seems these mothers are just not getting there alternatively leaving these babies to die  – what next? An SMS line where the person with the baby  could just sms a short description of where the baby is being left(abandoned)this information is then dispatched to volunteers who will act on this immediately in order to get to the baby as soon as possible to get to a baby who is alive and not dead.
  • Baby Kit – Creating a baby kit that all the volunteers have with them at all times – Blankets , Nappies , Basic and 1st Aid Training kits.
  • Getting the community involved – Advertising (flyers , posters ,radio,etc  )of the SMS number – I want it to be remembered like we remember our emergency contact number
  • Taking this from local to nationally in Jesus Name…….Amen