Pick n Pay’s SUPER ANIMALS – Collection


If you anywhere close to my age you’ll remember hours of fun with family and friends playing with your TRUMP CARDS.I remember we had Dinosaurs, Fast Cars , Trucks and Planes (These were mostly my brother’s choice but we all still played).

You probably heard the launch this morning on the radio.Super Animals from Pick n Pay.With every R 150.00 you spend you get 4 cards.

What fun its going to be to swop and play – there are 108 cards to collect and this promotion will go on until 4th of September.

I’ll definitely get the merchandise especially the sound card reader.

Super Animals.01

The animals are subdivided into certain categories:

Deadliest, toughest ,smartest, loudest etc (click above to have a look).

Deadliest ToughestPNP

I love that the children will be learning whilst having fun for this I’ve given this PNP fab find a brilliant a big two thumbs up!!! 🙂


Don’t forget to get the app.


Enjoy and happy collecting


All pics from the Pick n Pay website

Checkers LITTLE SHOP Collection


A while back us parents were running around collecting Stikeez , going on Social media swopping with other moms it was crazy but lots of fun for both children and the parents(well at least it was in our household). Our collection still gets taken out and played with.

So lo-and-behold when I walked in to my local Checkers and found the LITTLE SHOP  Mini Collection,  I grabbed the Collectors Case(R 29.99) straight away (I left this  for last previously and had hubby running around Joburg trying to find a case).

Littleshop Minis.mgfa.02

The Little Shop Mini Collection is simple – For every R 150.00 spent you receive one Little Shop item to add to your collection.

I’m in love with their ad – CLICK HERE TO VIEW

My little one recently learned about money at school so we play “shop-shop” daily.He has a little till and all my gift voucher cards are used as debit cards and I have to collect all our cereal boxes and shampoo bottles etc so he can stock the store.Its great fun and he is learning at the same time.The LITTLE SHOP collection arrived at the perfect time.

Little Shop.01

Next on our list is definitely the Cardboard LITTLE SHOP HOUSE (R 149.00) so we can really make the whole at-home-store more realistic.

Smses have been sent out as well as group Whats App Messages to relatives asking them to please shop at Checkers and keep the kids in the family in mind lol….what we do for our kids!

Good Luck and happy collecting 🙂

Footnote:Pics from Checkers Website

Finding Dory Giveaway


Disney•Pixar’s Finding Dory, opening in 3D on June 16, is the anticipated follow-up to 2003’s warm-hearted blockbuster, Finding Nemo. It takes place shortly after the events of the first film, and features a wild array of brand new characters to complement the ones you already know and love. And while some of these new characters have been discussed, they haven’t all been seen … until now.

There is much excitement in our household and we counting the days for the movie , Finding Nemo was the 1st DVD I ever got for my little ones.I’ll never forget it because we watched it over and over and over again.

So I wanted to share our excitement with you.

I’ll be giving away this gorgeous Jumbo Art Pack to one lucky person.



What do you need to do?

  • Select one Social Media Platform to LIKE/Follow and SHARE (additional likes to the other platforms will be extra entries into the giveaway.
  • This giveaway is a National Giveaway (South Africa ONLY)
  • Giveaway will be sent to winner via courier
  • Giveaway will close on the 15.06.2016 at Midnight
  • Giveaway will be announced on the MY GIFTS FROM ABOVE Facebook Page on the 16.06.2016.
  • All valid entries will be selected by Random Name Picker


This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,Disney,Pixar or Butterfly Products.This giveaway is non-transferable.

Good Luck !!!!






Half way……

By know you should have knitted 36 rows with the 3rd colour which is your jersey’s colour.


Next :

Teddy’s jersey in finished (Teal/Green), start on the head (yellow) 40 rows.



Continue with an additional 40 rows – you are now on the way to starting the back of your teddy.


Thereafter you will knit in the jersey colour again – 36 rows.

All the best


Knitting Series – Teddy Bear – Part 1


I know what you asking….how old are you?Only grannies knit hun!!!Right……..Wrong!

My gran taught me how to knit (she tried and I failed dismally and the ball of wool and the needles were put away…far far away)then when I was in the 7th Grade my sweet dear Mrs Tarnow had us make a teddy bear, all brown with a yellow scarf if I recall – this too was a massive two thumbs down.

Sadly I wanted so much to have been the type of mom who had knitted something for her baby before their birth.I visualized massive holes everywhere and just didn’t have the courage to make anything for my babies. 🙁

Fast forward a good 20 years and here I am , working hard at this awesome job we call “MOM” and all the job descriptions it comes with..Well last year this job description also needed the “Knitting” box ticked off.My son was in 1st Grade and there was a request for moms to knit teddies for the Teddy Bear Clinic ,  a comfort for children who have been raped and abused.How could I say no?I accepted my own challenge and went out and bought a few balls of wool along with some knitting needles and I began.I had to read from a pattern , something I hadn’t done in 20 odd years.I mean all I remember was the knitting lingo “knit stitch and pearl” but I tried my hardest.


This is my 1st attempt – hubby says the poor guy needs a horse now as he looks like he can easily mount a horse no problem with that wide gap between his legs.There was much disappointment from my part and loads of laughter from myself and everyone who say Eastwood the Bear.

I persevered and asked the teacher if I could see one of the teddies the other moms had made.What I got was a perfect example, beautifully made it was just too cute and thanks to that mom it restored my confidence and I went out and bought a few more balls of wool.FYI: I bumped into said knitting mom outside the school one afternoon and asked her a few questions with regards to knitting, this amazing mom knits one of this teddies in 3 days (at the time she had a teen, a 1st grader and a baby at her hip) #amazingmom

To date I’ve made 12 or 13 teddies and I’m very proud.They lots of fun (oddly I have to agree with Julia Roberts and say its pretty relaxing) and they got to a really great cause.

Here how we get started:


Step 1:

Go shopping – always a great start if you ask me.Any good habby will have what you looking for Chamdor in Edenvale is pretty good as is Habby Hyper in Alberton.

You will need:

x3 Balls of wool – Go crazy see which colours match , get one ball thats multicoloured or has glitter specks etc (this will be for the jersey)chunky wool is best – don’t even think about those thinner balls of wool unless you use smaller needles.

If you haven’t got knitting needles now is the time to get them – I bought both 3.5mm and 4mm

Stuffing – the hypo allergenic kind

A teddy nose and two eyes – the kind that has those button locks so little mouths cant chew them out or swallow them.

x1 Stitch Holder aka as a Knitting Pin (Looks like a giant safety pin)

Step 2:

i selected the yellow for teddy’s body and thats where we start.

Cast on 12 stitches.

I’ve posted links to you tube videos to assist you if need be.

Then you going to start –  15 KNIT stitch rows for the foot.


Then its onto the leg – I used the grey ball of wool and thats 40 rows


Once you have done the 40 Rows –  snip – feed it into a Stitch Holder aka Knitting/crochet pin


You also get ones like this


Happy knitting guys


Personalised Monogram DIY – Part One


I’ve been working on my living room PHOTO wall for sometime now.Its almost there.I want to share with you how easy it was to create our pretty wooden monogram and it only cost R150.00 incl postage.

Its really easy –  follow the instructions below; start with the surname (thats the biggest of the letters and is in the centre I’m going to make this “S”

“A” will be the 1st letter in my name which happens to be Ana

“B” will be the 1st letter in the 2nd persons  name or if you are personalising a monogram for yourself then it will be your second name or 2nd surname eg: Bill

I got started by using MS Word.

  1. Create new Document – Name and save it at this stage
  2. Go to INSERT then WORD ART
  3. Choose the very 1st one – see picmgfamono.02
  4. Type the 1st letter of your Surname in the font (I used “Janda Cheerful Script”) you have selected
  5. At this stage I’ve also changed the coloring of my letters to plain black – both the text fill and text outline
  6. Once you are satisfied with the size and font you going to right-click and copy and pastemgfamono.03
  7. You will then create the next letter in your 1st name “A”mgfamono.05
  8. Then follow the above steps again and erase and write in the next desired letter – in this case “B”
  9. If you wanted to do your whole families 1st names surrounding your Surname letter (the middle one) you would then follow the above steps until desired – as you can see from my main photo that I did all our 1st name letters surrounding the main middle “S”.
  10. Once you have all the names play around with each letter to see how best they look surrounding the middle lettermgfamono.06
  11. When you finished arranging the letters and you are satisfied – click on “Save As” and PDF it.
  12. Once PDF-ed you ready to send it off to my favourite Laser-Cutting Company – Liqerish


I had mine made in its raw wooden state as I couldn’t decide what colour to paint it as yet.


From the PDF tot he Finished product on the right hand side

If you recall I’ve also used them when we did the personalised name for the Santa Shoebox project.


Be sure to drop by and see you soon for Part Two.

FYI: This is not a sponsored post I just love what they do.

Safety When Shopping – Perfect for Moms

mgfasafetybag- cover

Lets face it – Moms are BIG-RED-TARGETS for thieves.We busy trying to juggle everything from the kids,the shopping list,maneuvering the isles with prams/trollies you name it we doing it.

Back when I was a “Rookie” mom on the rare occasion (I’m not kidding it was rare because it was just so much  work to get one tiny baby out along with the equipment that goes with the little tike)I recall a morning when I decided I had to get out the house,I got all dressed up,double breast padded the ladies , dressed into my Post-maternity gear and off I went.Th e whole trip consistent of only entering 3 stores in 3 hours.In between there was a feeding,burping and nap along with a massive number two that required all clothing to be changed.

Anyway those trips where rare – however it didn’t stop me from being the target of a thief.This cow of a thief (I remember her coming very close to my baby , to my pram – mama lioness was not happy.She took the opportunity when my son started to cry and I went from the back of the pram (where all moms hang said nappybag) to the front to comfort my sweet sweet little angel.I walked back and the bag was still swinging back and fourth.The cow had stolen my cellphone.

These days I’m a lot more Ninga-Lioness-Mom , I’m ready come near me and I’m going to break your nose along with some teeth.The things I carry around with me I’ve worked bloody hard for them and I’ll be damned if you going to take them.

On two separate occasions I’ve almost been the victim but turned things around.Once at Zara this cow tried to go for the pram and the Blackberry I had between the shading thingy of the pram.She took it but slipped it into some clothing in the store.I left hubby with the boys and ringing my cellphone as I grabbed the cow as she was making her way to the exit.My nail imprints left a good scar but that’s about it and it at least it ended positively without me having to get another phone.

Second occasion was at Makro – once again bag dangling the managed to open the flap of the bag but didn’t have the time to unzip it.A+ for trying because these bastards (two males) began following us.My husband was going off at me that I was paranoid and how can I do this and that.Next thing he kept quite – he realized they were following us.I walked to the toy aisle and ambushed them.Blocking the one with our trolley and myself screaming “SECURITY SECURITY”at the time of my lungs.Bastard number one ran but the guy in front of me was in a panic when I looked away for a second to tell hubby to get security he made a road runner dash right out of there never to be seen again.

These days my 1st stop at Makro is the sporting goods section I kid you not I walk around with a baseball bat.I refuse to be a victim any longer.

We all recall this video doing its rounds a few months back right?Click on Pic to take you to the video.This made my blood boil how easy they took her cellphone.


So what precautions do I take? They might not be ninja perfect but I like to feel like I’ve taken the precaution and the steps in the right direction.Like many of you I’m a busy mom to two little boys.I need my hands free to select the items we need and still push a trolley so I carry a plain black crossbody bag.(I got mine from Woolworths).

There are steps I take before I get out the car (oh and FYI my bag does not leave my person for anything even when I’m driving).

My bag is always facing the wrong way – bag pockets and zips always tend to be in the front so I put these facing my tummy.


Cellphone is always on high with the flashing light (Quick find in that dark bag) and is always always in the ZIPPED closed area of my bag.

The ZIPPER PULL is always slipped in between the strap fastening – you want to steal from me I’m going to make you work for it!



My bag is always in the front and not to the side or the back.

Most of all – be on the look-out at all times.

The above are the precautions I take – the precautions that make me feel safer or at least feel like I’ve made it harder for a perpetrator to make me their next victim.

What steps do you take?Share with us via the comments

Be safe and enjoy



Jelly Bean Tic-Tac-Toe incl’s Free Printable


I’ve wanted to do this for as long as I can remember but it wasn’t exactly age appropriate.I played it over the December Holidays with my little guy and he loved it.

I figured we would spoil all the kids in his classroom with a little yummy Jelly Bean Tic-Tac-Toe (I used to just call it Noughts and Crosses in my day). I bought the jelly beans from Clicks for R14.99 a pkt.See previous post to see what the packet looks like.


You more than welcome to click below and print out the free printable and do the same.

TIC TAC TOE Free Printables

Time Management for Kids – Incl Free Printable


time management for kids

Its been a rough start to the New School Year.The routine we had last year has had to be adjusted somewhat as the work load has increased.

Actually to say its been a struggle is an understatement.

On the positive side mornings are great.We don’t have moaning to get up any longer and its pretty easy to get  ready for school.

Its after school thats been the struggle.

This is what we usually do

  1. Arrive home (14:00 – 14:30)
  2. Get changed ( this usually means  remove school shoes and school uniform) while lunch is prepared.
  3. Eat lunch
  4. Go Shower
  5. Begin homework – this was the problem because from the time we started homework which was usually  just after 15:00 homework lasted until 17:30 on a bad day.There have been a lot more bad days then good days.
  6. 17:30 means I start supper and would have one child wondering the house alone and the other still doing homework and needing my assistance #hectic

My thoughts are constantly with working moms – if those kids haven’t got a structured homework schedule for their afternoons and you still need to get home, cook and attend to their homework needs (ouch thats just painful and you constantly in my thoughts and prayers).

The Breakthrough:

I had to find a solution I just had to.

I’ve spent the last few days analyzing our time and the way we do things.Where I could nip or steal minutes from.What could I do that would allow us to buy more time?

Today it finally fell into place and I’m thrilled and so are the boys.

Its 15:35 and they are DONE

I usually get to school close to 20 minutes before the bell rings so I’m one of the 1st at the gate to pick up the 2nd grader.Then we jump in the car and go and collect my little man and the nanny at school.This is a 20 minute drive.

So today instead of sitting at the school killing 20 minutes I 1st went to fetch my little man and the nanny at school ( a little less outdoor play but…) and arrived in time to fetch the 2nd grader.We won 25 minutes.

This meant that we showered and had lunch and started homework by 14:10.

We did everything on the list with plenty of time to spare.He finally had time to play and best of all there were no tears of frustration…from either one of us!!!!

  • arrive home
  • go shower – I timed the shower to 10 minutes
  • have lunch  – I allow for one cartoon while they eating
  • do homework – TV is switched off
  • relax

I’ve shared the above with you not to gloat but simply because it has been a pretty frustrating time getting this right.If the above set up can assist in your child/children getting some sort of structure and time arrangement into their afternoon routine then why not share it.I wish I had had something like this in place when I was a kid, I spent the afternoons at my gran and pretty much did nothing but play outside and watch TV until my mom picked me up then I’d conveniently remember I had homework much to my tired mom’s frustration,thus having many a night spent in tears doing homework.

If your child goes to family or is looked after by a nanny or someone else in the afternoons perhaps having them adhere to a similar breakdown might help you (stay sane) and add structure to your little ones afternoon.

Organising and the to-do-list has changed significantly this year as well.The boys are older and I’ve shifted responsibility in accordance to their age , I’m trying to put a little more responsibility on to them , such at remembering to ask me for their vitamins and because demerits are given if parents don’t sign diaries they also have to remember to get me to sign the diary.

I’ve put these signs up on our wall in the kitchen as its where we all convene in the mornings before school.I laminated it so it stays clean and so that we can use a maker pen on it.Its pretty plain but they work.We have had them up for 3 days now and all Vitamins have been taken (myself incl) and everything has been signed and sent to school ‘VIVA”


Click  here Reminder Signs to open and print it out.



Valentine Tassel Keyring


Valentine Tassel Keyring

You see them everywhere these days……


On clothing , on accessories , on jewellery , tassels are very in right now.Even in home decor from blankets to pillows.

It’s a really cheap and really quick Ombre Tassel Key ring you can do for a friend, a teacher , your sister.Anyone you just want to spoil really!


You going to need: Embroidery Thread, Keyring ,Washi Tape, Scissors, Cardboard / Card


The height of your card is the length of your tassel so you can decide. The length of my Gautrain Card was perfect.









Secure the embroidery thread with a little washi tape











The begin to neatly wrap your tread around the card until the desired thickness ,snip off when finished.Now ct another piece of tread about 10cm long












Slip the 10 cm piece of thread through from one side to the other and tie a knot as tight as possible


It should look like this. Take a scissors and though the loops in the bottom.











Cut another piece of thread and wrap and knot it about 1cm below the knot you have just made.


There you go! All done. At this stage – trim the bottom to neaten the edge and slip through the keyring










Good Luck – please share your tassel DIY’s  with me with the hashtag #tasseldiy

To get more Tassel Inspiration Click Here