Breast Cancer Awareness: #‎powerofpinkpunnets‬


The Pink ribbon has become and iconic symbol known across the globe.

The fight against Breast cancer is an ongoing one, but the month of October is showered in everything pink  in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness.

Have you spotted the pink punnets at  Pick n Pay yet? They’re in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness, serving as a reminder of the potentially protective role mushrooms can play in the fight against breast cancer AND to raise funds to purchase silicone breast prostheses for disadvantaged women.

R1 from the sale of every pink mushroom punnet will go towards this important cause.

It’s awesome to see MushroomSA collaborating with Reach for Recovery.Educating people about the wonderful benefits a good diet means when it comes prevention.


Ongoing breast cancer research studies, conducted around the globe stretching from Western Australia to California, indicate that mushrooms have breast cancer-fighting properties that could establish them as important partners in the battle to win this fight.” mentioned on the MushroomsSA Facebook Page.

So whats for supper tonight?

Beef Stroganoff with…. you got it Mushrooms.

Show yours support and visit your nearest Pick N Pay Store.

For more delectable MUSHROOM recipes visit the website

NB: Information has been taken from the MushroomSA Facebook Page

Find information on the Ditto Project  here

Bon Appetite’

FYI: Drop by for a visit and see what I do next when I recycle the PINK PUNNETS.





Lindt & PNP – Thank you


If you get hold of Lindt ChocolateSA, they will be the 1st to confirm my 2 year Easter Carrot obsession – I have hounded these poor people for the last two years all because I wanted Lindt Carrots for Easter.

So when a quick dash into my local Pick n Pay had me screech in the aisles……These were the reason (see pic below)

lindt mgfa2

Nostalgia probably has the most to do with why I love them….when I was little after Sunday School my grandfather would fetch me and we would go buy fresh warm bread at the Portuguese bakery.Hanging from their back shelves were little chocolate umbrellas.Grandfather would always buy me a few.(I loved loved them)

When I saw them (the LINDT CHOCOLATE CARROTS) on the shelf I rushed to the SMART SHOPPER POINTS machine and cashed out 10 000( R 100.00) just to buy Lindt Chocolate Carrots.That wont be the end of it – guaranteed!

Thank you Lindt Chocolate SA for finally bringing them in and thank you Pick n Pay for stocking them.


Click below for their great Easter specials

To my fellow chocoholics ….enjoy!!!!

Footnote: The tin bunny buckets were designed by COOL BEANS DESIGN for me.

Coconut Macaroons (2 Ingredients)


What a super easy recipe – my favourite kind!




I used to buy these when we lived overseas – so yummy

Pinterest has so many recipes – I had to “test” it out could it be so easy to make?

coconut macaroons

My boys have just “taste -tested” and have become BIG fans


What you going to need:

x1 Can of Condensed Milk

x1 packet of Coconut (200g)

What you going to do:

Preheat oven to 200 Degrees Cecilius

In a bowl pour out the whole can of condensed milk and with a spatula stir in the coconut

Using a cookie dough scoop (smallest one you have) place them on a tray with a silicone mat/baking paper

Bake / Grill for 10minutes (check on them @ every 2 minutes-them as they go golden quickly)

Allow to cool completely before removing them off the tray


We managed to make 42 Macaroons from this recipes.

Footnote: This is just one of those great recipes that you can always have at hand – ideal gift for a hostess , housewarming , class party , gifts…I can really keep going with the ideas here.



Kalács – not sure how you say it – but its amazing!


I found this amazing recipe thanks to Julia’s amazing blog ;

Julia had come across the recipe via Viviane’s blog @ Down Under.

Thank you – Thank you to the both of you.I definitely have a hit on my hands with my household test tasters.

I did tweak it Portuguese style  – and added lots of finely chopped garlic.The next time I’ll take it even further and add loads of chouriço.

I did make a few changes , I substituted parsley for the onion and bacon (like Julie) for the Pancetta.

It was really easy to make and it looks beautiful.This is a definite for the Boys Birthday Party.

Thank you once again (Viviane and Julia).

Recipe on Blog –

On another note I am also very proud to say that the photos of the preparation were taken by my “food photographer” aka my four-year old.





School Holidays – Meals


My mom was a working mother of two and she dreaded the school holidays. We would call her throughout the day…”mom there’s nothing in the house to eat can we call we have food delivered?” The poor woman.

Well this issue was cut short early on thanks to ready made meals such as lasagne or mac and cheese.

However calls were still made by my brother ,letting her know he was bored lol (that’s another post all together).

I came across theses Kids Pot meals recently and both my boys loved them.They full of veggies and nice chunky pieces. I don’t cook on the weekends so this is a pretty good alternative so that i don’t feed them greasy junk.

With both my little guys loving them I figured this would be a fantastic alternative for supervised kids staying at home during the Winter holiday.

You will spend less R130.00 for the full week (that’s if you buy a pot for each day) but if you think about it a take away meal delivered is more expensive.

Enjoy…Let me know what you think!!

If you a fan of online shopping below  is the link to order these scrumptious meals.

Have a awesome week.

Banana Bread – Ideal for kids to make from start to finish

I had my two boys in the kitchen baking since they were both about 18 months old……

I couldn’t resist the cute little aprons and chefs hats I had found.

Baking with me has become second nature to my little man and as his gotten older he wants to attempt the steps on he’s own.

I found this recipe ideal as it doesn’t electric machinery or nuts in the ingredients which a lot of banana recipes do(nut allergies)and for letting go a tad and allow him to be head chef.

I was there to supervise every step of the way – I preheated the oven, melted the butter and placed the baking tins into and removed them out the oven everything else my little Chef did.

IMG_6071.baking 1

Nicely mash those bananas

IMG_6074 baking 2

Add all the dry ingredients into your large bowl

IMG_6077 baking 3

Combine all wet ingredients

IMG_6079 baking 4

Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients

IMG_6080 baking 5

Mix well but don’t over do it

IMG_7226 baking 6

We did little individual loaves and on big one – this recipe is enough for this

last baking

I’m sure you could easily attempt this recipe into a Gluten free version – if you attempt it let me know how it turns out.

I have also attempted and succeeded in having 8 toddlers make this from beginning to end at the nursery school so I know any toddler or child can do this with some degree of supervision.


Below is the Recipe – and PDF


Banana Bread Recipe