Easter Napkin Ring


The realization that Easter is possibly my most favourite celebrations has really been cemented.

I love Easter.

I made these Gold Napkin Rings for our Easter Sunday Table.

You can to!

What you will need

  • Foam glitter Sheets – Available at PNA
  • Scissors
  • Pencil and Ruler

I measured on the smooth foam side of the sheet (Glitter front is face down) See measurements above













Cut a slit half way on the top left side and a slit half way on the bottom right side so when you bring both arms together you will slot on into the other











You could always just tape the two arms together if you like.


Upcycling – Easter Decor


I like to do a touch of “festive decorating”  over almost any holiday be it a heart wreath at our entrance , Father Christmas Cookie Jar on the kitchen shelf and a little bunny-something over Easter.

Many years ago I went all pastels for Easter and covered a Wooden cross from PNA with scrap-booking paper.

I never used it again after that because I was done with the colours.I thought I’d be smart this year and upcycle it.


All I needed was the glue, a scissors and a Stanley knife – I removed all the scrap-booking paper – not easy as I used really good glue.This took me ages and then I had a great idea to use a damp cloth and gently wipe.This did the trick and in not time it looked almost good as new – no left over paper that is.

I had some leftover Gold Glittered sheets from a party we had so I used that and some school glue (Pritt) – this way next year it wont be so hard to remove when I want to used it again to match the Easter colour scheme.


I love how this simple little project turned out.



Personalised Monogram DIY – Part One


I’ve been working on my living room PHOTO wall for sometime now.Its almost there.I want to share with you how easy it was to create our pretty wooden monogram and it only cost R150.00 incl postage.

Its really easy –  follow the instructions below; start with the surname (thats the biggest of the letters and is in the centre I’m going to make this “S”

“A” will be the 1st letter in my name which happens to be Ana

“B” will be the 1st letter in the 2nd persons  name or if you are personalising a monogram for yourself then it will be your second name or 2nd surname eg: Bill

I got started by using MS Word.

  1. Create new Document – Name and save it at this stage
  2. Go to INSERT then WORD ART
  3. Choose the very 1st one – see picmgfamono.02
  4. Type the 1st letter of your Surname in the font (I used “Janda Cheerful Script”) you have selected
  5. At this stage I’ve also changed the coloring of my letters to plain black – both the text fill and text outline
  6. Once you are satisfied with the size and font you going to right-click and copy and pastemgfamono.03
  7. You will then create the next letter in your 1st name “A”mgfamono.05
  8. Then follow the above steps again and erase and write in the next desired letter – in this case “B”
  9. If you wanted to do your whole families 1st names surrounding your Surname letter (the middle one) you would then follow the above steps until desired – as you can see from my main photo that I did all our 1st name letters surrounding the main middle “S”.
  10. Once you have all the names play around with each letter to see how best they look surrounding the middle lettermgfamono.06
  11. When you finished arranging the letters and you are satisfied – click on “Save As” and PDF it.
  12. Once PDF-ed you ready to send it off to my favourite Laser-Cutting Company – Liqerish


I had mine made in its raw wooden state as I couldn’t decide what colour to paint it as yet.


From the PDF tot he Finished product on the right hand side

If you recall I’ve also used them when we did the personalised name for the Santa Shoebox project.


Be sure to drop by and see you soon for Part Two.

FYI: This is not a sponsored post I just love what they do.

My Favourite Finds – 3 – The Giant Peg


I’ve had this “find” since my birthday when I treated myself at Kamers  and my awesome SIL recently bought me another one because I love them so much.They cost R 120.00 each excl delivery Makkie’s Studio is in Menlyn (or close by)

How cute are they???? Rhetorical because I absolutely love them.

This is how I’ve put them to use – I even personalized mine with my new go to item (Vinyl stickers – I Had my Vinyl stickers made at A & R Litho & Stationery Supplies :+27 11 435 1022 )


mgfagp.01   mgfagp.03

What would you use them for you ask – here are 6 things I can of?

  • Stationary Holder
  • Napkin Holder – Perfect for those outdoor meals (especially with the World Cup get-together’s and Braai day ) “Wink-Wink Nudge-Nudge”
  • Photo or Memo Holder
  • Children’s Art Display – My favourite of its uses.I personalized mine with vinyl stickers I had made with the kids names
  • Coat Hanger or bag hanger
  • Lost Socks – Ideal way to keep all those mismatched socks until you find their partners

Here are a few ideas I found on Pinterest:


Where can you get this GIANT PEG?

Contact the Artist:

Makkie Du Plessis

makkerrakkie@gmail.com or  083 979 6668




#daretodiywithanewsupply – A IHeart Organizing Challenge : Recycling Bins


My very 1st challenge.

I have a plethora or DIY’s pending but this challenge on the I Heart Organizing blog was the perfect “Challenge” I needed to get at least one of these projects finished.

I selected to turn these big bins I had bought into recycling bins.They’ve been in my tiny walk in closest for the last 3 months taking up much needed space so this was the prefect opportunity.


Its taken this long as I couldn’t decide on how to do the wording for the front of each over.

Wording: Paper , Glass and Plastic

I couldn’t find the right font or color stickers at my local DIY store so I opted to make the labels out of Vinyl.

I wanted pretty vinyl labels for the front – I figured as this was a project that would be kept outdoors I needed lettering that could withstand any weather.I don’t have a Silhouette Cameo (YET) and I’ve never worked with vinyls so I got hold of my printer and he had them cut up for me after I worked on my font,wording and color for the bins.

plastic Paper glass

Then it was an easy assembly onto the lids of the bins.

mgfabins.01     mgfabins.02

I kept the bins off the floor using an old side-table I had.


What you will need:

  • x3 Stacking bins of your choice
  • Lettering for the lids  – if you have a Silhouette your life just got easier but if you like me and you hoping Santa will bring you one try find a printer close to you that offers vinyl printing and cutting for you or go the easy route and just but letter stickers at your local craft store

I’m thrilled with how they turned out.



Happy Recycling


Easter fun – look what I found!

Easter mygiftsfromabove.1

We had so much fun last year when we did our glow in the dark Easter Egg hunt.

I was so happy to find this cute packet of Easter Egg Hunt Direction banners at Clicks.

We will definitely be egg hunting our little hearts out with these directions to help.

The best part – this packet cost just R 24.95

Have a look….Happy Hunting


easter3.1easter1.1easter6.1 easter 5.1easter2.1

See the Easter Clicks Promotions for all those yummy treats to hid.