‘Tis The Season – Christmas Decor

MGFA2015-Cover-tile- Finalized Cover

Oh oh do I love this time of the year.Just between you and me, I think  I’m secretly related to Father Christmas /Papa Noel / Santa somehow.I just love what this season does to people.Even the meanest or arrogant of people soften a tad over this time of the year.People are nicer in general and I take it all in.

I also will openly admit that I love love opening presents.I love-making Christmas lists.What things I like, what to get so-and-so , the advent adventure list ,the whats for supper list, these lists go on and on.

Walking through the stores and on-line  and finding new Christmas ornaments to add to the ever-growing collection is such a thrill, here are a few of my favourites.Thought I’d show them off early so you wont be disappointed if you see something you love.

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Above are all from Mr Price Home – Click here to go directly to the website.The Subway art is right up my alley as is the disco ball globes.I gifted the Africa Shaped ornament to my BIL in Oz for their tree.How super sweet is Mr and Mrs Claus?

  18019558- 25.00 - @home18019593 - 110 - @home 18019512 - 169 -@home18019511 @ home18019491 - 189 - @home

These Beauties are from @Home – How sweet is the Nutcracker Soldier and that wooden Sleigh?(The perfect size for Christmas Cookies or Nuts – Click here to go direct to their website.

Christmas-Foil-Pear-6009189682360Christmas-Floral-Glitter-Heart-6009189875779  Christmas-Print-Wooden-Disc-6009189685552Christmas-Glitter-Apple-6009189683138Christmas-Glitter-Pear-6009189682179Christmas-Pattern-Heart-6009189877216

And because lets face it Woolies never disappoints (or at least in my opinion) I instantly fell in love with the Metallic Fruit decorations  and hearts.Click here to view online

tassels-157.32  tassel-22.80 tassel-271.32,jpgTassel - 111.15IMG_7881-775x550

A new find is this fab website.Tassels and Treasures I’m absolutely in love love (so in love I have to say it twice) with the reindeer place card holders .The felt cutlery holder is just so very pretty, such a great addition to any Christmas Table.

The stores are filled with something for every taste and any theme.Happy Decorating.


National Cupcake Day: 26.09.2015


We just hours away from the most awesome (sweetest / yummiest ) day of the year and its all in aid of an amazing cause .

National Cupcake Day in support of Kids with Cancer.We will be at a shopping mall in your area so make sure you walk past and buy cupcakes from any of the Cupcake Angels sporting  their gorgeous pink shirts.

Thats Us Last Year @THE GLEN

Thats Us Last Year

We had so much fun voulnteering and selling cupcakes last year that we doing it again this year.

Visit their website to see how you can help – CUPCAKES 4KIDS WITH CANCER

C4K Logo July 2015 gold box plain lines

Or click here to find the nearest mall so you can support tomorrow.



Free Printables – Fathers Day


I lost my dad 14 years ago and prior to having my little boys ,this day was hibernation day for me.

Then my little boys came along and they got the best dad any child could have.

(no kidding he is pretty awesome)

So lets celebrate!!

If you like me(I’m sure there are a lot of us around) – you don’t like wasting money on cards that wont really be appreciated much after the presents are open .

Only the ones the kids special hand make are kept.

So its easy and cheap to just get a free printable as long as you have paper or cardboard and colour in your printer.

Here you go enjoy!!!


Double Click on the word “Fathers Day” below and print – easy as that.

Fathers Day

For all the dads out there – Hope you get spoiled rotten

Lindt & PNP – Thank you


If you get hold of Lindt ChocolateSA, they will be the 1st to confirm my 2 year Easter Carrot obsession – I have hounded these poor people for the last two years all because I wanted Lindt Carrots for Easter.


So when a quick dash into my local Pick n Pay had me screech in the aisles……These were the reason (see pic below)

lindt mgfa2

Nostalgia probably has the most to do with why I love them….when I was little after Sunday School my grandfather would fetch me and we would go buy fresh warm bread at the Portuguese bakery.Hanging from their back shelves were little chocolate umbrellas.Grandfather would always buy me a few.(I loved loved them)

When I saw them (the LINDT CHOCOLATE CARROTS) on the shelf I rushed to the SMART SHOPPER POINTS machine and cashed out 10 000( R 100.00) just to buy Lindt Chocolate Carrots.That wont be the end of it – guaranteed!

Thank you Lindt Chocolate SA for finally bringing them in and thank you Pick n Pay for stocking them.


Click below for their great Easter specials


To my fellow chocoholics ….enjoy!!!!

Footnote: The tin bunny buckets were designed by COOL BEANS DESIGN for me.


My Valentines Day favourites at Woolworths



Yup its commercialized , yup red roses cost a crazy bundle but I still love it.

As a mom I’ve come to realized that these little silly days form part of teaching.Valentines Day turns into teaching a child about thinking of someone else they care about, that they love.Teaching them that V-day is a special day but you can make someone feels special any day of the year.

Have you ever wondered why you get the gifts you do from your partner?

I have – we were brought up in a home where my dad spoiled my mom with jewellery and her favourite -perfumes , when it came to gift giving.

Do you think children learn this from their parents?

I do?

What does my brother primarily spoil my lovely Sis-in-law to be with when it comes to gifts???……..Jewellery and Perfume

What does my husband and brother-in-law usually spoil their partners with?……….Flowers

I want to raise sons that are considerate and thoughtful towards their partners everyday even on such a mundane day as Valentines Day.

Woolworths is my favourite one stop Valentines Day Shop

Below are a few of my favourite V-day goodies ideal to spoil your loved ones,friends,work colleagues/staff and even to send to school for the kids in your childs class.

Glitter-Travel-Mug-6009184530710.R89.95jpg.1    Solid-Milk-Chocolate-Heart-Lolly-30g-6009182229173 R10..95.1Solid-Milk-Chocolate-Hearts-390g-6009182229678R99.95.1Metallic-Heart-Bowl-6009184984414R55.00.1Metallic-Heart-Mug-6009184984421R49.00.1Solid-Milk-Chocolate-Heart-Card-6009184531823R9.95Cherry-Flavoured-Heart-Lollies-520g-6009184530680R99.95.1

Get them early so you not rushing around on the day.



 Footnote: the Beautiful Cover for this blog post is from Giggle Hearts.com


I love looking it at it – it makes me happy #sopretty

Ahoy Matey!! The Boys Pirate Birthday Party


I’ve enjoyed planning all these parties and year by year I learn something new.The year of the Pirate Themed Party, the great lesson learnt was……. leave the cake to the professionals!


 I baked this cake,I decorated this cake…..That year that the likes of Cake Boss and Great Baker were on our screens.They made it look so easy – I now get a professional do their cakes.



Cool Beans Designs did everything from the invites to the their shirts.

 403466_390278004347448_187421158_n.0 156260_390278121014103_814111334_n.0

@ What age is a Pinata appropriate because these little ones struggled?

IMG_0447IMG_0465 IMG_0467

Photobooth was fun and as usual there were games….Walk the Plank and Treasure Hunting.



Each Child took home a sword, a bandana (We bought the PNP Sunflower Foundation bandanas – Party with a cause) , a felt eye patch and a the final party favour was a treasure box surrounded by chocolate gold coins and other candy.


Above is the face of fear – he’s pirate party marked the start of his fear of jumping castles – the inflatable pirate ship was 9 metres long (+/- 30 feet).

Cool Beans Designs: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cool-Beans-Design-Agency/140760239299227


Cowboys and Indians – Birthday Sheriffs


I’m obsessed with Theme Birthday parties.

Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 041 - Copy

In fact I’m obsessed with my boys birthday party planning full stop.

Before I had the boys that time of the year always got me down as it’s around the anniversary of my amazing dad passing away, I always say the Lord gave me my babies on that particular month (they were both early)as to give me joy during this month instead of thinking of it as the worst.

Both their birthdays are on the same month so until they (my boys) ask me to stop the have one big party together.

Albeit that on the day of their birthday we always go out for supper or do something with our closest relatives (grandparents and uncles and aunts).

Last year our theme was Cowboys and Indians

The party venue was amazing and had that real rustic feel.

In fact its our 2nd Birthday party there.It gets better and better each year and best part is it’s practically down the road its lovely you rent a lapa big enough for your party or bring a blanket and set up a picnic there are farm animals (purchase a bag of fresh veggies to feed the animals),jungle gyms , pony rides.


Set up was a nightmare as this strong wind came out of nowhere – what were suppose to be table coverings were kept intact and made to shield the wind.

The Party favors were my favourite so far and we worked so hard on them.

Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 014 - Copy

Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 001 - Copy

Each child received a hobby-horse. (Tutorial and pattern to follow one of these day).

I had to be budget savvy and found these cute bandanas the local Chinese Market – I kept to 3 colours (Orange Navy and white).

The sticks and stuffing were also cheap and each hobby-horse cost me close to R30.00 each.

Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 005 - CopyLuca & Joshua Bday 2012 008 - CopyLuca & Joshua Bday 2012 004


We had light stacks and a barbecue.

My little four-year old asked for a Ice-cream Birthday cake and he made a brilliant choice because it was such a hit!

Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 254Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 277Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 274

It’s very plain – we were suppose to have a cake topper but at the rate this cake was melting it was blow out candles quick and serve!

Games and Activities were provided:

Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 016 - Copy

Tin Toss

Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 391

Pin The Tail on the Donkey

Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 007 - CopyLuca & Joshua Bday 2012 404

Painting Centre

Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 082 - CopyLuca & Joshua Bday 2012 178Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 075 - Copy


Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 291Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 141

Pony rides

Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 015 - CopyLuca & Joshua Bday 2012 304

Hide and Go Seek

Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 170Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 172

Races with our Hobby Horses (a year down the line these are still played with daily in our home)

Did I mention I like to get the boys dressed up according to their theme lol?

Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 056 - Copy

Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 128 - Copy

All the kids were asked to dress up.

Our gorgeous twins , Models for Baby-X clothing sported Cowboy outfits from their Pretend Play range  (Baby-x – you can find them on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Baby-X/136983122984619   )

Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 018 - CopyLuca & Joshua Bday 2012 025 - Copy

We finished off the day with a wagon ride – sunset was beautiful.

Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 362

Luca & Joshua Bday 2012 469

………The very next day I started planning (pinning) the theme for 2013’s Birthday Party.



Superhero Twins – an awesome double Hero Party


How amazing is this cake?


This fab mother of 3 made this amazing cake from scratch….not only was it delicious but I can only imagine the patience it took to put the decor together for this cake…it looks  fantastic, I’m very proud of her.

She thought of everything for this party.
My boys loved the party favours – the gift tag is now proudly displayed on our fridge door – the back is a photo of the twins.


Upon arrival each child received this awesome t-shirt……so every child was a super kid !



These two boys  loved every minute of their special day along with all those invited.


Lets call this the Flying Training Centre…..moms got nervous,dads had fun and the kids loved it!!!


Baby-X (find on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Baby-X/136983122984619 )made the awesome outfits for the twins

Venue : http://www.rietvleilifestylecentre.co.za/