My Blog and its Future – DAY 30 – 30 Day Blogging Challenge


My Blog and its Future


My blog has become part of who I am.Its also opened me to ideas and goals I never thought Id want.

The last 30 days has had me really do research and look at the future of my blog and what it is.Yes I’m a mommy blogger(I’m a mom it’s who I am), yes a parent but  is my blog a Parenting Blog?I think I might fall under  “Mommy-Lifestyle Blogger”I’ve gone back and looked at my criteria and I’ve shared recipes , DIY’s , arts & crafts ,saving advice from my family to yours, I share the Fab Finds I love and think you would love too.My children aren’t babies or toddlers anymore and I find myself and the content of the blog transition and this is the year.

This year sees me being a lot more active on the blog.

I want to do a lot more giveaways – share the Fab Finds I come across with you.

This year sees me inviting more visitors and views to the blog.

Social Media Goals:

1000 – Facebook Followers

1000 – Instagram Followers

1000 – Twitter Followers

1000 – Visits or Views on the blog per day

I’ve really enjoyed being more active on the blog over the last month.I’ve enjoyed the little daily challenge of posting.Its taught me to be clever with my time and scheduling.

Heres to a lot more posts and great content.

Thank you for dropping by and please do come again and again and again lol.



A Confession – DAY 29 – 30 Day Blog Challenge

A Confession


I have always thought I d be the mom to a girl.A Daughter with dark brown eyes and long brown hair.

In fact when hubby and I chatted about our future and our hopes and dreams a little girl was always part of the picture.We even picked out a name Serana (this was way before Ben and Jeni got together) and the name died out and became the name of a future Beach Villa we would have”Villa Serana” with double SS as door handles.(you can picture it right?)

Anyway fast forward to a more clear reality and two beautiful boys later.

We started speaking about adding a third child in the hopes of a little sister for the boys.My husband is a magnet for little girls they absolutely love him and he is putty in their hands.He just melts.Layla – Lee would be her name.

We thought of this for a while and were really considering it…………………………

Then we went on holiday with my Aunt,Uncle and my to Cousins.One of them a hormonal female teen.


Can I go on record and say it has been by far the best contraception ever – a glimpse in the life of parents with a hormonal “Regan from the Exorcist” type teenage girl.One minute there would be laughs and next someone would just use a “trigger” word (new an unknown word everyday) and it was Regan from the Exorcist mayhem.The scariest thing ever.

Needless to say we returned home numb and very much put off ever trying for another child ever.Little girls with their little pig-tails and sweet giggles turn into very scary hormonal teens and I just couldn’t be bothered with putting up with that really.

The teen years have now left Miss Madam and shes a lovely young adult but the lesson she gave hubby and I will never be forgotten.

These days I console myself with the fact that when the time comes and I meet my little niece Im going to be the best aunt a niece has had.

My Most Embarrassing Moment – DAY 28 – 30 Day Blogging Challenge


My Most Embarrassing Moment

I have embarrassing moments (dont we all?) but they those “you-just-had-to-be-there-moments”.

I will share with you an incident that happened years ago that still makes me laugh when I think of it.

My mom wanted to go all “chemical free” when cleaning.She had done her research and made her shopping list.A popular magazine had a easy recipe for a homemade cleaning spray so she took the magazine page with her and off she went.

She required a few things from the local Dischem that were on the list.

She marched into the store and began to find the  items she needed.

  • Bicarb Soda
  • White Vinager
  • Borax

But the last item she search from isle to isle eventually having to ask one of the people that worked there.

She was looking for Elbow Grease.

The lady said she had never seen it in store.Then a little crowd of ladies also started to say they recalled seeing it somewhere or had heard about this product “Elbow Grease”.Everyone was baffled….”elbow grease, elbow grease” they muttered until my mom finally remember what ELBOW GREASE was and burst out laughing.Everyone was in hysterics when they realised what Elbow Grease was.

I still chuckle a tad when I think of all these woman walking from isle to isle looking for Elbow Grease along side my mom trying to help her.

Yup – Elbow Grease not sold in stores lol!

Whats in my Closet – DAY 27 – 30 Day Blogging Challenge


whats in my closet

My closet – I can actually call it that its the tiniest off walk-ins and probably the only or at least the main reason why I pushed for this apartment/flat more than the others we had seen.I had vision for this tiny walk-in.

Fast forward 9 years and thats all it still is – a vision.We ripped out all the old cupboard carcass and plastered it and painted it to match the bedroom and thats where its been left.A long rail was put up to hang my clothing and thats basically my closest in a nutshell.

No pretty Shoe Shelf.

No pretty pull out trouser rail

No pretty Bag display

Right now its home to seasonal items such as my gas heater, the suitcases, the massive beach towels and bedding for the rooms.Piled in one corner on a makeshift shelf.

The little corner alcove  has a little 3 drawer wicker unit that houses undergarments and the last drawer medicines and stuff.On top of that is  my winter duvet (in a clean bag) and on top of that my handbags.

My pretty shoes live under my bed.

So its not the dream closet I had wished for but thats about to change.

Over the next few weeks the closet will under go transformation on a budget but I will get it to resemble close to what I have always wanted to achieve in this space.

Its my first DIY project and you’ll be along for the ride.

Keep visiting the blog in Feb to watch the Closet Series in the weeks to follow.



My Hidden Talent – Day 26 – 30 Day Blog Challenge

my hidden talent

Have I racked my brain over this one.I’m a “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” kinda girl , an open book so any talents I may have are currently on show.

I will however give myself a high-five for 2015 achievement , a small one at that but never the less an achievement.

In 7th Grade we learn t to knit. Mrs Tarnow had us knit a very easy Teddy Bear, needless to say I wasn’t very good and poor teddy turn out more like Quasimodo then cute teddy.

Now fast forward 30 odd years , the primary school my little boy attends was doing a charity drive for the Teddy Bear Clinic , moms grannies and aunts were asked to knit teddy bears.I gave myself the challenge knowing I wasn’t the best knitter.

My 1st attempt was er…..not to much of a success.In fact my husband says I need to learn to knit a horse for poor teddy to mount.

1st teddy2015

Thereafter things went a lot smoother and I actually knitted about 12 teddies and motivated aunts and friends to get in on this knitting frenzy to help children.

Here are a few of the successes I made – wish I had taken photos of all the teddies I made.

teddy2015.01 Teddy2015

teddy2015.06 teddy2015.03



My Biggest Regret – DAY 25 – 30 Day Blogging Challenge

my biggest regret

I can hear my mom in the background all the time “I told you so”.Yes she was right study study study I was always such a lazy student.If I look back now and I could tell my head-in-the-clouds 14yr old me a thing or two I’d shout at her to get off her butt and go and do my homework and go and study, it’s not that hard.

if I had a do over – that’s what I’d want to re-do my whole high school career, I’d be a good student , I realize now that I actually have a knack for medicine and would have loved to be a doctor.

I’d study my butt off and be a really good doctor.

Close behind is the fact that I never went abroad on my own when I was younger.When i had decided to go off to London my then boyfriend now hubby proposed.I knew I was going to marry him sooner or later so I married him sooner and we went off to my dream city a month after we were married.We came back soon after because he hated every minute of it but I love that city and always will.

I wanted to love on my own , have a little apartment be independent.Its the one thing I encourage all the girls in my family to do.Spread their wings and fly solo for a while see their own potential all on their own.Wash clothes , cook food and fend for one’s self.

C’est La Vie – I love my life at the moment and try and live without regret daily.


What Attracts Me to my Loved One – DAY 24 – 30 Day Blogging Challenge


what attracts me to my loved one

I met my husband when I was in college and well definitely wasn’t looking for love.I was more interested in time spent with my friends having fun and enjoying college life.

We got married pretty young and I can definitely admit that i was clueless as to what being married was all about.

Like all couples we had our ups and downs, our financial difficulties and challenges but one step at a time we would waver past them.Our biggest marriage challenge to date has been the birth of our oldest son.So many marriages fall apart when a special needs child is born , there have been pretty tough days but we’ve seemed to rise above them and stick together.It wasn’t easy to adjust to having a baby as we had been on our own for more years then usual as we (by we I mean I) took our time to have children.We laugh now because we really cant recall time before we had our boys.What did we do with our time?

When we first started dating what attracted me most about him was his voice, we would spend every night falling asleep talking – it was my favourite part of my day because at the time our home had doubled with people and there wasn’t much time to really get to know each other besides those late night chats.I fell in love with that voice and to date still love to hear his voice.#amazingphonevoice.

His arms – how I love being held by those arms – a perfect fit we always say.The warmth of his lips,I just love being kissed by those lips.


We were so young when we started our relationship and we have been through so much – practically grown up together so to speak.I love our life and our little family.My husband and my children complete me in every sense.


If I Won the Lottery – DAY 23 – 30 Day Blogging Challenge


If I won the lottery

OH haven’t we all played this game before?

If I won the lottery……..

  • First thing Id do is  book a holiday for the four of us , Id think about what I was going to do with my winnings whilst I lay in the sun drinking virgin Pina Coladas hehehehe!!!!!!!!
  • I’d Tithe
  • I’d buy the house we never got approval for just before hubby was retrenched – I’d pay them cash and a request to be out by the end of the month.
  • I’d buy my husband the vehicle he has had he’s eye on.
  • I’d pay our family car off.
  • I’d pay the school fees for both schools for the next 5 yrs in one go
  • We would have a playroom/ therapy room with state of the art equipment and each therapist would come to our house and do private sessions DAILY with my son
  • I’d do renovations at my mom’s house where needed and pay off my MIL apartment.
  • I’d open a Educational Trust for all the children in our family current and still to come
  • I’d give our siblings a holiday of their choice
  • I’d buy a house I have my eye on in Umhloti
  • The 1st trip we would make would be to Sydney to see my family
  • I’d supersize Project Hope and really get the charity off the ground
  • We both would Continue to work
  • We would go overseas every year
  • I’d make sure I treated myself to getting the Porsche Cayenne for my 40th.
  • I’d spoil our nanny with a new home
  • I’d buy a 400g packet of biltong from Woolies weekly lol

My Worst Habits – DAY 22 – 30 Day Blogging Challenge

my worst habits

  • Snacking
  • First Impressions – One of my worst traits is that I tend to judge on 1st impression.As I’ve gotten older this bad habit has gotten better but there are times I find myself having to take a step back when I realize I’m doing it.
  • Set in my ways – a creature of habit who doesn’t rarely tries new things.What a terrible habit,I get so comfortable that I just cant bring myself to try something new.Take for instance my favourite little Bistro.We go there at least once a month for lunch (their Chicken Pasta is by far the best and I looked forward to the end of the month when we would visit.)We sat down the other day, got our menus handed to us and we were so excited new pretty menus.I combed from the front to the back looking for my old faithful but nothing.I eventually called the waiter and he said that the decision had been made to remove it from the menu. #Devastated!!!! So my favourite Bistro decided it would get in on the Burger trend and remove my yummy Pasta (yes VIVA Carbs)I was so sad we took the decision to leave and go else where. Should I have stayed and tried something new? I mean I really never try anything new, if we go to Wimpy its A Double Frank and Chips with Chutney on the side (I’ve eaten this since I was probably 6). If we go to Ocean Basket I have Grilled Halloumi cheese for starters (I have two foiled as a doggy bag) and for Main I have the Prawn Special or Grilled Calamari Rings NO Squid Heads.If we go to Spur I have the Sirloin or Rump with Chips and Garlic Sauce on the side.

Lastly there the;

  • Chocolate at my bedside – Its a must, my best friend has known me forever and even she knows where to get her chocolate fix when shes at my house because without a doubt there’s some right there just welcoming me to bed with open chocolaty arms.My dad did the same – he always had a box of Ferrero Rochers at his bedside , weird what we pick up from our parents isn’t it?

Im sure there are a lot more bad habits …oh yes I weigh myself daily ( and I know all to well its a big no no but I do it anyway) but nobody is perfect and we all have them.

On habit I’m pretty glad to say I’ve moved past is my Road Rage – it was bad I soon realized when my then toddler started screaming curse words at other cars I was the only one to blame.

What Makes Me Sad – DAY 21 – 30 Day Blogging Challenge


what makes me sad


The way others perceive my son as different makes me sad.How parents raise children to be fearful of those who are different.

Children in general treat my son little boy as equal.Having conversations with him, wanting to share their toys with him or whats happening lately I see they including him in their little circle – whatever game it is.

Since my little man started nursery school and all the years up I’ve walked into the class room and introduced Luca to the students.I explain how a very bad doctor didn’t take care of him on the day he was born and that’s why he has problems.They have started asking a few questions and I’m glad to answer but the bottom line is he is welcomed and they don’t make fun of his brother for having a brother with special needs.

Birthdays are also a breeze because the kids let the moms know before hand and that makes for a less uncomfortable environment.

it makes me sad to think of a future where my son is discriminated against so I’m changing that one kid and narrow minded parent at a time so that I’m trying to form a generation of kids become adults who will be mindful of people with special needs , who will be respectful and loving towards people who have special needs.