Banana Bread – Ideal for kids to make from start to finish

I had my two boys in the kitchen baking since they were both about 18 months old……

I couldn’t resist the cute little aprons and chefs hats I had found.

Baking with me has become second nature to my little man and as his gotten older he wants to attempt the steps on he’s own.

I found this recipe ideal as it doesn’t electric machinery or nuts in the ingredients which a lot of banana recipes do(nut allergies)and for letting go a tad and allow him to be head chef.

I was there to supervise every step of the way – I preheated the oven, melted the butter and placed the baking tins into and removed them out the oven everything else my little Chef did.

IMG_6071.baking 1

Nicely mash those bananas

IMG_6074 baking 2

Add all the dry ingredients into your large bowl

IMG_6077 baking 3

Combine all wet ingredients

IMG_6079 baking 4

Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients

IMG_6080 baking 5

Mix well but don’t over do it

IMG_7226 baking 6

We did little individual loaves and on big one – this recipe is enough for this

last baking

I’m sure you could easily attempt this recipe into a Gluten free version – if you attempt it let me know how it turns out.

I have also attempted and succeeded in having 8 toddlers make this from beginning to end at the nursery school so I know any toddler or child can do this with some degree of supervision.


Below is the Recipe – and PDF


Banana Bread Recipe

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